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Homes Now, Affordable, Off-Site Built Homes in Louisiana

Appearance and Amenities

Homes Now can create a home for you with the interior and exterior appearance and amenities of a “real home”, not the “manufactured look” of most manufactured housing.  Some of the many wonderful features Homes Now include:

  • Variety of professionally designed exterior elevations and floor plans
  • Wide selection of attractive exterior siding and interior paint colors
  • Lofty eight or nine foot high flat ceilings or vaulted 9-1/2 or 10 foot ceilings
  • Plush Stainguard carpet or attractive wood laminate or ceramic tile flooring options
  • Deluxe moldings and door casings
  • Assortment of lighting choices, featuring glass overhead lights or optional recessed can
    lighting, chandeliers and ceiling fans
  • Handy exterior water faucets and GFI receptacles
  • Convenient brass water shut off valves at each sink and interior master water shut off valve

You can make your home even more elegant by adding distinctive 6/12 roof pitches with architectural shingles, beautiful plantation style porches with transom windows, handsome 6-panel embossed interior doors with easy to open lever handles or attractive rock front fireplaces.

All our well appointed kitchen and baths include as standard features:

  • Attractive ceramic tile backsplash and edging
  • Tall kitchen cabinets for extra storage
  • Drawer over door cabinet design for easier access
  • GE dishwashers, ranges and refrigerators
  • Designer faucets and fixtures
  • Attractive porcelain bathroom sinks and commodes

Beautiful oak raised panel cabinet doors and stiles, ceramic tile countertops, glamorous master baths with separate soaker tub and shower, microwave hoods, flat-topped stoves garbage disposals and whirlpool tubs are just some of the many wonderful kitchen and bath options available to create your dream home. 

For that truly special home add the Euro style Ultimate Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances, Range Master/Range Hood, pan drawers and a trash door or the Suite Retreat Master Bath with a built in electric fireplace with brushed nickel trim and matching brushed nickel faucets and fixtures, an oversized soaking bathtub, a ceramic shower with a glass enclosure, a furniture style double vanity, large vinyl windows with plantation shutters, a linen closet, a spacious bench seat, a vanity mirror and lighting and a lighted make up mirror.

All Homes Now Homes are vented for central air conditioning.  A compressor can be installed at your option.

See Homes Now Specifications, Options & Upgrades for a complete list of the many unique Homes Now standard features, options and upgrades.

Handicapped Accessibility

All models featured by Homes Now are single storied, providing easy access for the elderly or individuals with moderate physical disabilities. Minor modifications in fixtures and other amenities can be made for the elderly or those with less severe disabilities, at an additional charge. ADA handicap accessible models are available, with a minimum order of ten units of a particular model.

Construction & Durability

Our off-Site built homes are specially engineered and constructed for superior durability. To withstand the rigors of a trip down the highway at 60 mph and being hoisted in the air with a crane, Homes Now homes must be constructed more durably than site-built homes, which would shatter under these conditions.    In constructing Homes Now homes Champion and Homes Now:

  • Use more and higher quality lumber than most site-built homes.
  • Nail and glue or screw the components of the home together, unlike many site built homes.
  • Employ an extra engineered combination of fastening steel strapping and seal plates to permanently secure the modular home to the foundation with strength that site-built homes simply cannot match.
  • Do most construction inside a modern quality controlled environment, resulting in greater durability, quality control, workmanship and precision than site-built homes.
    • The protected indoor environment prevents weather damage to construction materials, a common problem during on-site construction.

    • Quality control is maintained by constant inspections through-out the construction process. 

    • Use of a steady work force of factory tradesman who are experts in each of their individual tasks, results in an end product that reflects their fine quality workmanship.

    • Homes can be built perfectly straight on steel frames to ensure accuracy.

These are among the many standard features that give all Homes Now homes their exceptional strength and durability:

  • Constructed in compliance with the rigorous International Residential Code and all state and local codes.
  • Continuous ridge and soffit venting to protect the home and its occupants against moisture, mold and bacteria.
  • Extra strong framing with full laminated ridge beam tying rafters, triple 2 x 10 perimeter rails and 2 x 4 top plate on all walls.
  • Engineered approved roof trusses.
  • Superior flooring with 2 x 10 floor joists 16” on center and 5/8” tongue and groove plywood floor decking
  • Secure steel front and rear doors with dead bolts.
  • All studs are glued and mechanically secured.
  • Sided with Hardie Board, a composite concrete and fiberglass with the look feel and warmth of natural wood, yet incredible durability and low-maintenance.  Hardie Board is resistant to rotting, cracking, termite damage and flame spread.

See Homes Now Specifications, Options & Upgrades for a complete description of the many features that result in Homes Now homes incredible durability.

Resistance to Storm Damage

Analysis from the 2004 hurricanes in Florida found factory built modular homes to be the strongest structures. In addition to the many construction items listed above, Champion and Homes Now have added some unique features to all standard models, to enhance their ability to withstand high winds and flooding.

  • Homes are built to a 140 mph wind zone with 2 x 6 exterior wall framing on 16” centers and R-19 Kraft backed exterior wall insulation.
  • Plumbing and electrical lines are encased in waterproof casing to prevent water damage. 
  • Every home is elevated up to four feet off the ground. Optional additional elevations of up to 15 feet with enclosures to create usable interior first floor space are available.
  • Exterior siding is weather resistant Hardie Board, which is impervious to moisture and has the strength and thickness to avoid impact damage from rain, hail and flying debris.

Energy Efficiency

Homes Now home's are engineered and constructed to reduce energy usage and keep your energy bills low.  Their many energy efficient features include: 

  • Construction of entire walls, floors and ceilings as large seam-free units or panels, minimizing the greatest threats to energy efficiency, seams and joints.

  • Pink Panther Owens Corning wall and floor insulation.

  • Double pane thermal windows.

  • Low E-vinyl insulated dual pane thermal windows.

  • Wired for optional digital programmable thermostat optional.

  • Sealed duct system.

  • 100% Energy Star construction.

  • Energy Star rated appliances.

Energy Star homes feature products that use less energy than standard products and meet strict energy efficiency criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.  Homes using Enegry Star construction and products:

  • Are 30% more energy efficient than the 1993 Model Energy Code.

  • Lower heating cooling and electricity costs while improving comfort.

  • Improve indoor air quality.



Your Homes Now home carries all the standard manufacturer’s warranties on appliances and other products.   Additionally, it is warranted for ten years from completion against certain physical damage to designated load-bearing elements of the home, such as load-bearing interior and exterior walls, floor joists and roof trusses.  The ten year warranty is insured by National Home Insurance Company.

You can choose to purchase an Extended Warranty Protection Plansm for systems and appliances.

Ask a Homes Now sales associate for complete warranty details.

From Order to Move In

Homes Now has 10 simple steps for you to follow on the road to your beautiful new home:

  1. Loan Pre-Approval:  If you will be borrowing some of the funds for your home purchase, Homes Now recommends you get pre-approval of your loan.  This will ensure that you know what your budget is when you design your new home.

  2. Preliminary Site Inspection and Home Design: Meet with one of our home design specialists.  Our knowledgeable staff will visit your building site, give you a tour of our model home, answer any questions you may have and help you customize your new home to fit your family’s tastes, needs and budget.

  3. Contract Signing:  Once you have selected your home and its amenities, you will sign a contract for the purchase of your new home and the costruction services to be provided by Homes Now.

  4. Financing:  If you will be financing all or part of the purchase price for your new home, at the time you sign a contract you will place a 10% deposit with Homes Now and apply to your bank for a loan. Your contract with Homes Now will specify that the deposit will be returned to you if you fail to qualify for a loan.

  5. First Payment:  After receiving approval of your loan from the bank or upon signing a contract if no financing is needed, you will make an initial payment to Homes Now in an amount equal to 50% of the total contract price.  If you are financing all or part of this transaction, the bank will advance you money, which together with the money you are investing and your 10% deposit will constitute the initial 50% payment.

  6. Home Construction and Site Preperation:  Once Homes Now has received your initial 50% payment, the Champion factory will begin building your new home in one of their state of the art factories.  While your home is being built, Homes Now will do the necessary site work to prepare your property for your new home.

  7. Transportation and Final Payment: Champion constructs homes in two sections on steel frames for easy transport.  When both sections are completed, they will be transported to your home site by the Champion trucking fleet. Once the home reaches your building lot you will pay Homes Now the remaining balance of the contract price.   

  8. Placement, Attachment & Finishing: After you have made the final construction payment, the two sections of your home will be removed from their steel frames and lifted onto the building pad by Homes Now. Homes Now will then attach the two sections of the home together, anchor them to the piers or footings, do any necessary finishing work and hook up the utilities. 

  9. Completion of On-Site Upgrades:  After attaching the home’s sections, Homes Now will complete any additional on-site work you have requested, such as building a garage or constructing usable interior space in the area under an elevated home.

  10. Inspection & Occupancy:  Once the local building inspector has inspected your new home, you can move right in. 

Time from Order to Occupancy

Currently, the time from order to occupancy for most models is four to eight weeks.  Ask a Homes Now sales associate for more precise information for our current home completion dates for the particular model you select.

Homes Now currently has a long list of prospective purchasers who are awaiting receipt of Louisiana Recovery Authority funds or insurance proceeds to finalize their orders. Once the Grants are released on a wide-scale basis, we anticipate a large volume of finalized orders.

Homes Now sets home completion dates on a first come first served basis, based on the date a contract is signed and the initial payment or an earnest money deposit for the home is received. Accordingly, if an early completion date is important to you, Homes Now recommends that you finalize your home purchase as soon as possible.

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