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Homes Now, Affordable, Off-Site Built Homes in Louisiana

Homes Now can have your family in a beautiful new off-site built home in less than two months, at an affordable price!

Why Homes Now Homes Are So Affordable

A Homes Now off-site built Homes Now home will generally be significantly less expensive than a comparably featured site-built home because:

  • As part of the nation’s largest homebuilder, Champion is able to purchase quality, name brand materials at lower prices and passes the savings on to you. 

  • Homes are built quickly, efficiently and cost effectively; using computers automated equipment, and modern production techniques.

  • Champion maintains low labor costs by using a ready and always available skilled workforce.
  • Building homes in a sheltered environment avoids the costly time delays and damaged materials due to weather common with site-built homes

In the areas impacted by Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike cost savings are even greater, especially compared to site-built homes with early completion dates because:

  • By doing most of the construction of your home outside of the area impacted by Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike,  Champion can avoid much of the local price inflation for construction services caused by high demand for a limited number of contractors.

  • Homes Now does not take advantage of local labor shortages and inflate its prices for the on-site work it performs.  We are committed to offering you a high quality home, in a timely manner, at the lowest possible price.

Total Package Pricing

Pricing for all Homes Now models includes:

  • The model you choose with its exceptional standard features. See Homes Now Specification Options and Amenities for a detailed list of standard features.

  • Basic set-up and foundation costs. See Homes Now Construction Services for a detailed list of construction services provided.

  • Freight charge for transportation from the Champion factory to your home site (prices may vary depending on freight charges to a particular location).

  • Limited manufacturer’s and product warranties. Read More.

This gives you a home with the look and feel of an off-site built home at a price you can afford.

You can customize your home to meet your personal tastes and needs by purchasing additional in-home features or ordering additional Homes Now construction services. Read More.  Homes Now options and upgrades can be purchased individually, or as part of one of Homes Now’s convenient options packages.  Ask a Homes Now sales associate for details.

In establishing its base prices, Homes Now includes the basic items required to provide you with an attractive, durable home in move in condition to be constructed on the average building lot.  To avoid requiring customers to pay for home features or construction services they do not want or need, Homes Now does not include items that are unique to a particular building site or reflect individual tastes, needs or style in its standard package. Rather these items are offered as optional additions to the base price. 

Homes Now’s base price does not include:

  • Demolition, site clearing or removal of existing foundation

  • Air conditioning compressor (ducting for central air is a standard item)

  • Repair of damaged utility lines

  • Running of water, sewer or gas lines in excess of five feet from the building pad or electric lines in excess of 50 feet from the building pad

  • Landscaping

  • Repair or construction of walkways, driveways or patios or on-site built porches

  • Construction of an attached garage

  • Items that may be required to meet a particular Parish’s building code, such as the 6/12 hinged roof trusses required in parts of Orleans Parish

  • Fees for building permits or other construction related charges, if not waived by the Parish

  • Costs related to financing

  •  All other items marked as “Options” on the lists of Homes Now Specifications, Options and Upgrades and Homes Now Construction Services.

Costs related to land purchase are not included in the Homes Now purchase price.  If you wish to purchase a Homes Now home, but do not currently own a building lot, Homes Now will assist you in finding a real estate broker.  Ask a Homes Now sales associate for details.

Price Increases

Homes Now is committed to offering affordable homes at the lowest possible prices.  However, if labor and material costs increase, Homes Now will be forced to pass these costs on to you. 

Once you sign a purchase contract and place a deposit or make an initial payment of the contract price, the price of your new home is locked in; in contrast, most builders of site-built homes include numerous contingencies in their contracts, resulting in significant additional charges.  To take advantage of the lowest possible prices, we recommend that you do not delay finalizing your home purchase.

Discount Pricing for Bulk Purchases

Discounts are available for chartable organizations, landlords or others wishing to purchase ten or more homes at one time.   Ask a sales associate for details.


Off-site built homes qualify for FHA and conventional mortgages, similar to homes built on-site.  However, for off-site built housing you will need a specialized loan that pays Homes Now for construction of your home and then converts to a permanent mortgage loan once the home is completed. 

Homes Now maintains a list of lenders who will issue these types of loans to qualified borrowers and may offer discounted rates to customers with good credit histories.  Ask a Homes Now sales associate for details.

So that you know what your budget is before beginning to design your home, it is advisable to get a pre-approval of your loan.


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