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Homes Now, Affordable, Off-Site Built Homes in Louisiana

About Us

I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little about my company, Homes Now LLC.  I’m Homes Now CEO, Melvin Gitler.  My passion in life is construction. 

I spent the first years of my career working in the family folding carton business. I learned as I moved up the Corporate ladder that I must give back to the community that I was living in. My giveback was a first in the annals of corporate business. I hired the hard core unemployed. We trained them, gave them a reason to come to work, and assisted them in purchasing a home and getting a piece of the American Dream. Associated paper Box Mfg. Corporation won an award that year of 100 of the best places to work. I took that theory and brought it to Louisiana. For the past 16 years, I have been a building contractor and Apartment Landlord,  in Tucson, Arizona, specializing in building and renovating homes and property management. 

In the spring of 2006 I visited one of my favorite cities, New Orleans.  My heart went out to the thousands of people who had been left homeless.  I wanted to do something to help these folks, but knew that there weren’t enough workers or materials in southern Louisiana to replace the thousands of destroyed homes in a short time and at an affordable cost. 

Recently, I spent several months on special assignment in Iraq supervising the installation of over 1000 off-site built housing units for our troops which included our patented waste system. I had also worked on several projects in Tucson installing high end off-site built homes and a HUD Project building Low Income Housing with guarantee Mortgages.  From those projects I knew that, using a quality off-site built home and a small construction crew, I could give folks well constructed, affordable homes that looked just like site-built homes, in a short time frame.  I decided to form Homes Now to do just that.

My good friend Fred Rummel joined me in this endeavor. Fred, a long time build contractor, engineer and design specialist.  To do offsite construction of our homes we wanted only the best, so selected Champion Home Builders, the nations largest off-site home builder with an international reputation for service and quality and a the ability to design homes the unique architectural style and weather conditions of particular regions of the country.

After two years of provided quality affordable housing to the wonderful people of the Gulf Coast, we have opened a national sales office to enable us to be of assistance to the many victims of the floods, tornados and wild fires that have devastated large regions of our nation.

Please give us the chance to put you, your business or your community on “the road home” to a wonderful new house that that can be enjoyed for many years to come.  If you are in immediate need of a well built, attractive residence at a price you can afford and don’t want to wait months or even years to move in, please give us a call.  We'll be glad to help you select the perfect home and customize it to fit your family’s, company's or community's needs. 

We have created a new division for disasters. We have become experts in disaster shelters. We have created the only permanent home on wheels. This small model home is designed to IRC Standards and is easily moved around and set up. This is a patented design that we use in all our homes. Since the hurricanes we have expanded the operation to include various Federal Contracts throughout the United States and have been working with the Haitian Government to provide rental housing their. At the present time, we have been given authority to meet with the Counties of Japan to propose emergency shelter. 


Homes Now LLC,LA., corporation based in Arabi, La., was formed in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. Homes Now mission is to facilitate human recovery for the state of Louisiana in the aftermath of disaster, both natural and man-made. Homes Now partners with human service and non-profit organizations  throughout the state and the country to deliver assistance as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Homes Now has positioned itself as a unique agency with respect to its role in the state’s recovery efforts. Not only has it seen first-hand the needs of Louisiana’s citizens through the implementation and execution of its direct assistance and outcome-based proprietary programs.

Homes has developed a reputation for its ability to design quality, outcome-based proprietary programs for disaster-impacted residents in an effective and efficient manner utilizing resources allocated by the state and federal governments and private organizations. Homes has delivered vital services and resources to many parishes in Louisiana, providing direct assistance in the form of homes and apartments.. Though many assistance and recovery programs do good work and provide needed resources, most do not effectively measure outcomes.

Now we are endeavoring on a new mission and that is to build very low, low and moderate rental apartments throughout the state. With CDBG Funds and other grants we believe that this mission can be made viable and to give all the residents of the state clean and safe housing.

Homes Now experts in disaster shelters goes anywhere that the weather as an attitude.Homes Now with its years of experience in disaster shelters reaches out to Japan and offers there expertise. Homes Now in conjunction with Japanese Government has been approved to deliver and set up shelters that can be set up in hours and last for years. The shelters will be set up and completed by a Japanese Construction Firm. All interior materials will be purchased in Japan. The units can be set up in hours not days and will be truly self sufficient. They will be delivered anywhere that the Japanese Government believe they are needed and the units are self leveling for easy installation. A picture of the exterior is at the end on the web site .  

Hope to hear from you soon,



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