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Homes Now, Affordable, Off-Site Built Homes in Louisiana

What is an Off-Site Built Home?

Off-site built homes, also known as modular homes are the fastest growing segment of the home building industry today.   These homes are built in a controlled environmentally protected building center, to the stringent International Residential Code (IRC) and the same state and local building codes as homes built on-site.  The home is then carried in sections by special trucks to the building site for final assembly.

Comparison to Site-Built & Manufactured Homes


Site Built Homes

Homes built on site, also know as “stick built” houses, are constructed entirely at the building site from the ground up, in compliance with the IRC and all state and local building codes.  A well-built, cared for site-built home generally, increases in value over time.

Compared to homes built on-site, off-site built homes are generally:

  • Similar in appearance and amenities - Read more.

  • More affordable - Read more.

  • Superior in construction and durability -  Read more.

  • Similar in terms of resale value and ease of financing - Read more.

  • Faster to build

  • Free of the hassles of dealing with contractors, delays and cost overruns

Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes, formerly referred to as mobile homes or trailers, are built in a factory to the less rigorous federal HUD code.  Unlike off-site and site-built homes, they are not required to meet the state and local building codes, which are designed to insure the home will be able to withstand the unique environmental stresses of a particular area.

After transport to the building site, manufactured homes remain on a temporary foundation or are kept on a steel frame and are anchored permanently in place with a support system or permanent foundation built under their steel floor. 

The purchase of manufactured homes is often difficult to finance and even higher end manufactured homes tend to depreciate in value over time. 

Compared to manufactured homes off-site built homes are generally:

  • Superior in appearance, amenities, construction and durability

  • Easier to resell and finance

Resale Value

Appraisers value an off-site built home based on comparison to both site-built and other off-site built homes in the area.  They base their appraisal on the merits and on features that have been built into the house, like any site-built home.  Accordingly, off-site built homes will appreciate in value, similar to comparable homes built on-site. 

Advantages Over Repairing Your Home

The cost to repair a home with substantial damage may appear to be less than that to build a totally new home.  However, in the long run a new off-site built home may be the more economical choice for a number of reasons. 

  • Resistance to Future Storm Damage:  A rugged new Homes Now home, with its many storm resistant features, will be better able to withstand future storms than an older repaired home.  Purchasing a new Homes Now home may spare you the cost and heartache of rebuilding, if your home is damaged by severe weather conditions in the future.

  • Elimination of Concerns About Recurring Mold:  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, homes that were exposed to flood waters for more than 48 hours must have all traces of mold removed from all non-cleanable porous surfaces, such as carpeting and carpet padding, upholstery, wallpaper, drywall, ceiling tiles, insulation material, all parts of the HVAC system and some wood and wood products.  Failure to do so may result in illness caused by mold exposure.  

    If your home is contaminated with mold and you choose to repair it, you risk a recurring mold problem if even a small area of mold is not eliminated during the repair process.  Using your money to purchase a new Homes Now home, is a safer investment than risking all of your available funds on home repairs that may leave you with an unhealthy mold infested dwelling.

  • Avoidance of Problems Caused By Failure to Elevate Home:  If the pre-hurricane elevation of your home is less then the level required by the 2006 FEMA guidelines, you must add the cost of elevating the home to your repair costs.  In many cases this will make your repair costs almost equal to the cost of a new home. 

    If you repair your home without elevating to the level required by the guidelines, you will assure yourself of immediate shelter, but seriously reduce the home’s resale value, because of the difficulty of purchasing affordable flood insurance in a home that does not comply with the FEMA guidelines. Moreover, if your home had substantial damage you may be unable to purchase affordable flood insurance, risking the loss of all the money you invested in repairs, in the event of future flood damage.

  • Better Resale Value:  The resale value of a new modern house will be significantly higher than an old home that has been repaired.   Thus, you will make more dollar for dollar on your investment in a new off-site built home than the money you spend repairing your old home.


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