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Homes Now, Affordable, Off-Site Built Homes in Louisiana

What’s Included

All homes purchased from Homes Now include a home constructed and transported to your home site by Genesis, a homeowner’s warranty and the basic on-site construction done by Homes Now, to make the average home ready for occupancy. Homes Now homes come with five different levels of our standard features and a wide selection of options and upgrades to modify the home to meet your personal style and tastes.

Genesis Specifications, Options & Upgrades

The following are the specifications, amenities, options, transportation and warranties provided by Genesis for all models featured by Homes Now. All items listed are standard features, except those with the word “Optional” before them. Optional items may be ordered at an additional charge. Warranty details may be found under Warranty.

The standard and optional construction services provided by Homes Now with each home purchase are detailed below under Homes Now Construction Services.

Compliance with Code

  • Built to 2003 IRC Building Code and all state and local codes

  • Built to 140 MPH Wind Zone

  • Gabled Roof

  • 3/12’ Engineer Approved Fixed Roof Trusses
            - Optional 6/12’ Hinged Roof Trusses

  • 12’ Eaves with Painted Hardie Board Fascia (BayPointe Select and Riviera Series)

  • 8’ Eaves (Eaton Park Series)

  • 7/16’ OSB Roof Decking

  • 20 Year Owens Corning Shingles
            - Optional 25 Year Owens Corning Architectural Shingles


  • R-30 Blown Ceiling Insulation

  • R-19 Kraft Backed Exterior Wall Insulation

  • R-11 Kraft Backed Floor Insulation


  • 8’ Tall Flat Ceilings (BayPointe Select Series)
            -Optional 9’ Tall Flat Ceilings (6/12 Roof Required)

  • Vaulted Ceilings With 8’ Sidewalls and 10’ Center (Riviera Series)
          -Optional 8’ Tall Flat Ceilings
          -Optional 9’ Tall Flat Ceilings (6/12 Roof Required)

  • Vaulted Ceilings With 7 ½' Sidewalls and 9 ½' Center (Eaton Park Series)

  • Triple 2 x 10 Perimeter Rail

  • 2 x 10 Floor Joists 16” on Center

  • 5/8” Tongue and Groove Plywood Floor Decking

  • 7/16” OSB Exterior Wall Sheathing

  • 2 x 6 Exterior Wall Framing 16” on Center

  • 2 x 4 Interior Wall Framing 16" on Center

  • 2 x 4 Top Plate on All Walls

  • 1/2” Gypsum Walls and Ceiling Board with Painted Finish


  • Hardie Board “4 x 8 Panel” Exterior Siding Over Full House Wrap
            - Optional Hardie Board “Lap” Siding

  • Painted Hardie Board Vented Soffit

  • Painted Hardie Board Window Trim

  • Choice of Base Colors of Hardie Board
            - Optional Color Upgrades

Windows, Exterior Doors & Porch

  • 36 x 60 or 46 x 60 Vinyl Single Hung Windows in Living, Dining and Bed Rooms (Model Specific)
            -Optional Transom Windows (BayPointe Select and Riviera Series Only)

  • Vinyl "Shutter" Window Trim Front Side Only (Omitted with Lap Siding Option)
            -Optional Additional Vinyl "Shutter" Window Trim (Not Available with “Lap” Siding)

  • 30 x 36 Vinyl Single Hung Windows Over Kitchen Sink

  • 38 x 80 Steel Front and Rear Doors with Dead Bolts
            -Optional Steel Front Door with Elegant Star Window
            -Optional Sidelights
            -Optional Storm Doors
            -Optional Patio or Atrium Doors

  • Front Porch Design with Trex Deck and Slated Rails in Selected Models (Half or Full Porch is House Specific)
           -Optional Porch in Selected Models
           -Optional Plantation Style Porch

Kitchen & Bath

  • 17’ Over/Under Frost Free GE Refrigerator
            -Optional 20’ Side by Side Frost Free GE Refrigerator

  • Deluxe GE Deluxe Electric Range/Oven with Clock and Timer
            -Optional Microwave Range Hood
            -Optional Smooth Top Electric Range
            -Optional Stainless Steel Appliances
            -Optional Black Appliances
            -Optional Deluxe Gas Range

  • Dual White Composite or Stainless Steel Sink with Single Lever Faucet and Sprayer
            -Optional Garbage Disposal

  • GE Dishwasher

  • White Lined Cabinets with Raised Panel Wood Laminate Doors in Kitchen and Baths
           -Optional Crystal Oak Wood Cabinet Doors and Stiles
    (BayPoint Select and Riviera Series Only)
    -Optional Star Oak Raised or Flat Panel Cabinet Doors (Eaton Park Series Only)
           -Optional Walnut Cabinets
          -Optional Euro Style Cabinets (Select Models)

  • Base Kitchen Cabinets with, Drawer over Door Design and Dual Metal Roller Drawer Guides
         -Optional Pan and Trash Drawers (Select Models)

  • Tall Overhead Kitchen Cabinets

  • Center Shelves in Kitchen Cabinets

  • Wilson Art Laminate Countertops with Ceramic Backsplash and Edging in Kitchen and Baths
            - Optional Tile Countertops
            - Optional Tile Island or Bar Top in Kitchen (Selected Models Only)

  • Moen or Huntington Brass Faucets and Fixtures in Kitchen and Baths
            - Optional Tissue and Towel Holders in Bath

  • Porcelain Bathroom Sinks

  • Porcelain Elongated Style Toilets

  • Fiberglass Showers and One-Piece Fiberglass Tubs
            - Optional Doors for Tub/Shower

  • Master Bath with Separate Soaker Tub and Shower (Selected Models Only)
            - Optional Master Bath with Separate Soaker Tub and Shower (Selected Models Only)
            - Optional Whirlpool for Soaker Tub

  • Drawer Banks and Linen Stacks in Master Bath (Selected Models Only
            - Optional Linen Cabinet Over Commode

Interior Trim

  • Choice of White or Beige Paint for Interior Walls and Ceiling
            - Optional Choice of Accent Paint Colors

  • White 2 ½” Deluxe Door Casings

  • White 2 ½” Baseboard Molding

  • White 2 ½” Ceiling Cove Molding
            - Optional 4 ½” Cove Molding Throughout

  • White Window Casings and Window Jams
            - Optional Finished Sheetrock Corners and Window Jams

  • White Six Panel Embossed Interior Doors with Rounded Door Knobs
            - Optional White 6-Panel Embossed Interior Doors
            - Optional Lever Door Handles

  • Heavy Duty Double Door Hinges

  • White Metal Furnace Door

  • White Faux Wood Blinds Throughout

  • Vinyl Clad Metal Closet Shelving
            - Optional Double Shelves in Closets

  • Floor Mounted Doorstops Throughout


  • 25 oz. FHA Approved Plush Stainguard Carpet in Living Areas and Bedrooms
            - Optional 38 oz. carpet
            - Optional Wood Laminate Flooring

  • Rebond Carpet Pad

  • Tack Strip Carpet Installed

  • Diamond No Wax Flooring in Kitchen, Bathrooms, Entry Area and Utility Room
            - Optional Ceramic or Wood Laminate Flooring  


  • 200 Amp Electrical Panel Box

  • All 12 Gauge Wiring or Better

  • Up-Flow Electric Furnace with Overhead Heating/Cooling Duct System
            - Optional Programmable Thermostat

  • A/C Disconnect

  • Wired and Venter for Dryer Hookup
            - Optional Gas Dryer Hook Up

  • Beauty Strip in Baths

  • Glass Ceiling Lights Installed in Each Room with Single Switch (Except Baths)
            - Optional Recessed Can Lighting
            - Optional Chandelier in Dining Room
            - Optional Cloud Florescent Lighting
            - Optional Spot Lights

  • Ceiling Fan with Light
            - Optional Additional Ceiling Fans

  • Exterior Light at Each Exterior Door

  • Exterior GFI Receptacle
            - Optional Additional GFI Receptacles

  • Power Exhaust Fans in all Bathrooms

  • AC/DC Smoke Detectors as Required by Code

  • Additional Options
            - Optional Phone Jacks
            - Optional TV Jacks


  • PEX Supply Lines Interconnected in the Floor

  • 30 Gallon Electric Water Heater
            - Optional 40 Gallon and 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater
            - Optional 30 Gallon and 40 Gallon Gas Water Heater

  • Brass Water Shut-Off Valves Throughout

  • Whole House Water Shut Off

  • Exterior Water Faucet Installed
            - Optional Additional Exterior Water Faucets

  • Plumbing Installed For Washer Hookup

Additional In Home Options

  • Utility Room Options
            - Optional Washer
            - Optional Dryer
            - Optional Washer Dryer Shelf
            - Optional Washer/Dryer Cabinet

  • Dining Room Options
            - Optional 2-Door Curio
            - Optional 3-Door Hutch
            - Optional Corner Hutch

  • Fireplace Options
            - Optional Stone Fireplace
            - Optional Fireplace with Half or Full Rock Front
            - Optional Raised Rock Fireplace


  • One Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Ten Year Limited Warranty Issued by 2/10 Home Buyers Warranty


  • Transportation From Genesis Plant to Home Site (Depending on Location Some Additional Charges May Apply).

Options and upgrades in addition to those listed are available.  Ask a sales associate for details.

Homes Now Construction Services

The following is a list of construction services provided by Homes Now for all homes purchased and a list of our most popular upgrades and additions. All services listed are standard features, except those with the word “Optional” before them.  Homes Now will perform “Optional” services at an additional charge.

The standard specifications, options and upgrades for all BayPointe Select series models are detailed above under Genesis Specifications, Upgrades and Options.


  • Grading Level Lot for Placement of Concrete Footings and/or Slab
            - Optional Grading to Level Lot
  • Installation of 24” x 6” Concrete Footings with CMU Piers at Elevations of Up to Four Feet
            - Optional Concrete Stem Wall in Place of CMU Piers
            - Optional Concrete Slab in Place of Concrete Footings
            - Optional Additional Elevations of Five to Fifteen Feet
  • Installation of Connections for Water, Sewer, and Gas From Utility Lines in Good Repair Located Five Feet or Less From Building Pad (Installation of Gas Line Requires Gas Home)
            - Optional Installation of Connecting Lines in Excess of Five Feet from Building Pad
            - Optional Repair of Water Sewer and Gas Lines
  • Installation of Connection For Electricity From Electric Lines in Good Repair Located 50 Feet or Less From Building Pad
  • Removal of Home from Steel Frame
  • Placement of Home on CMU Piers or Stem Walls
  • Anchoring Home Per Genesis Specifications
  • Seaming to Connect Two Sections of Home                                                 
  • Final Touch-Ups
  • Utility Hook Ups
  • Installation of Wooden Front and Rear Steps with Rails At Elevations Up to Four Feet
            - Optional Brick or Concrete Steps
            - Optional Extension of Steps Five to Fifteen Feet
  • Installation of Lattice Skirting Around CMU Piers or Stem Walls in Homes Elevated Up to Four Feet
            - Optional Additional Lattice Skirting for Homes Elevated Five to Fifteen Feet
            - Optional Substitution of Hardie Board Siding for Lattice Work
            - Optional Substitution of Brick Wall for Lattice Work On Front of Home (Footers Required)
            - Optional Enclosure of Space Under Elevated Home to Create Interior Space (Requires Eight to
               Fifteen Foot Elevation)

Additional On-Site Services

Homes Now will work with you to customize your home to fit your family’s needs.  The additional on-site services we offer include:


- Optional Installation or Repair of Front Walk or Driveway
- Optional Planting of Sod
- Optional Planting of Bushes

Appliance and Equipment

- Optional Air Conditioning Compressor Installed
- Optional Construction of Garage Addition
- Optional Construction of Rear Deck, Patio or Porch
- Optional Construction of Front Porch Where Not Standard

Home Upgrade Packages


Homes Now offers five different homes for each model.  Features of the Basic Home are listed above.  In addition, Homes Now offers the following homes:


All Basic Home features plus these added or upgraded features:

  • Tile Bar Top or Island (Select Models)
  • One Linen Cabinet Over Commode (Select Models)
  • Tissue and Towel Holders in Baths
  • Washer/Dryer Cabinet
  • Hardie Board "Lap" Siding on Front
  • Wood Laminate Entry (Substitute for Lino)
  • Raised 6-Panel Interior Doors Throughout (Substitute for Flat Doors)
  • Lever Door Handles Throughout (Substitute for Round Knobs)
  • Solar Tube in Enclosed Bathrooms
  • 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater
  • Extra Exterior GFI Receptacle

All Superior Home features plus these added or upgraded features:

  • Whirlpool Tub for Soaker Tub (Select Models)
  • Glamour Bath with Drop-in Tub and 2-Piece Shower (Select Models)
  • Microwave Hood
  • 20' SS Refrigerator
  • Smooth Top Electric Range
  • 4-1/4" White Cove Ceiling Molding Throughout

All Deluxe Home features plus these added or upgraded features:

  • Steel Front Door With Elegant Star Window
  • Transom Windows Over Front Windows (BayPointe Select & Riviera Series Only)
  • Hardie Board "Lap" Siding on Complete Exterior (Substitute for Hardie Board "Lap" Front)
  • Plantation Style Porch (BayPointe Select Series and End Loaded Riviera Series Models with Standard or Optional Porch Added Only)

All Southern Belle Home features plus these added or upgraded features:

  • 6/12 Hinged Roof Trusses
  • 25 Year Owens Corning Architectural Shingles
  • Dutch Hip Roof Over Porch (6/12 roof required)  (BayPointe Select Series and Riviera Series End Loaded Models with Standard or Optional Porch Added Only)
  • 9' Side Walls, Flat Ceiling (6/12 Roof Required) (BayPointe Select Series Only)
  • Stacked Dormer With Three Columns (Riviera Series Ranches & Eaton Park Series Only)
  • Hip Roofs at Both Ends of Home (Riviera Series Ranches & Eaton Park Series Only)

Homes Now reserves the right to change options and features
 at any time without notice.

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